Welcome to our world. We would like to tell you a little about ourselves, what we do, and how we look at things. We are a clothing, accessory and bag company based in northern Scandinavia. You could say that we make “streetwear for the woods”. Growing up in the 80´s and 90´s we rode skateboards and snowboards, consumed music, we explored the great outdoors of our backyards and in 1990 we started our first business venture. Now, twenty eight years later and with several more "strings to our guitar", here we are, nine collections in with The Northern Hooligans™ Gear Co.

Northern Hooligans™ brings a classic streetwear inspired collection to a market where many brands have either become too minimalistic or too urban to appeal to a customer with roots and / or a heritage outside the larger metropolitan areas, even if now residing in one. It’s been natural for us to tap into an outdoors feel as it´s a part of our backyard and translate that into a collection with jackets, pants, tops, headwear, bags and accessories. 

We believe in iconic styles, bold branding and classic color ways. We believe in the great outdoors and we believe that big things can come from small places. We are woodsmen, miners, board riders and bikers. We are descendants of vikings. 

Thank you for visiting. Your support means a lot to us.